Venture deep into the universe of the animal kingdom – Explore and discover communication across species.

A journey of greater awareness and stronger relationship with animals, nature and yourself.

Interspecies communication builds a valuable and necessary bridge of mutual understanding between humans and animals. Animals communicate to us and with each other all the time. As humans, we have the ability to receive and exchange these subtle messages with animals, other humans and the world around us; a skill, which is possible for us to rediscover with the help of interspecies communication. We can learn to understand and honour the creatures that we share this world with by interacting with them, and the world around us, from a core of respect and love. Welcome to the universe of the Animal Kingdom.

My passion is to help animal owners discover their intuitive abilities, to be in daily communication with our animals, and to strengthen the bond between us and our animals. It is possible for everyone, and the animals deserve that we make an effort to understand them and meet them where they are

Mathilde Denning

My name is Mathilde Denning and I am an Animal Communicator. My passion is to help animals and humans to a deeper understanding of each other and to help them find harmony in their shared connections. I offer private sessions for humans and their animals. I furthermore educate groups of people in finding their inherent ability to communicate with animals through workshops and courses. My hope is to assist us humans create a greater empathy in relation to all species; become more present with the world around us; and help us to a mutual understanding between ourselves and all the creatures we share this world with.

With the animals by my side, I ventured deep into my heart, so deep that I was able to fulfil my childhood dream – to become the girl who speaks with the animals!

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Mathilde Denning – Email: mathilde.denning@hotmail.com