You have the possibility to receive help from me everywhere in the world. I offer a variety of services for animals listed here. It is furthermore possible to combine these services in one session.


A telepathic animal communication session with your animal allows you to get answers to any questions you may have about your animals. Clarify situations, convey messages, help your animal and receive guidance and tools to improve your relationship.

Telepati hest

A healing treatment session for your animal offers the opportunity to help your animal on the physical, mental, emotional as well as mental level, to achieve greater balance and harmony, and gain clarity on how to help your animal.

Animal coaching allows you to solve problems you have with your animal, by letting them speak freely to tell how they are experiencing the situation and how we can meet their needs with a combination of telepathy and intuitive training.

An opportunity for your organization, association or group, who can see the importance of understanding the animals’ perspective and who want to make use of telepathy and healing to help the animals they work with.

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