Further education in telepathy

Further education in telepathy

Are you ready to take the step further with telepathy? Have you taken any courses or programs before and want to build on your skills? Are you stuck with a block that you need help to overcome and let go of? Or are there just special topics you want more knowledge on and training in?

I offer personal mentoring sessions for those who want to build on their skills or overcome obstacles. The mentoring sessions can be purchased individually and completely adapted to you and your needs. Before the mentoring session you send information about the session you want, so that I can prepare theory, exercises, cases etc. for your unique teaching session. In this way, high quality and best results of the session are ensured.

The mentoring sessions can either be booked live where I come out to you (may have a long wait) or they can be done via. a call on skype. One session lasts 1.5 hours. To book a session send me an email at: mathilde.denning@hotmail.com

Animal communication



In a private mentoring session, I will guide you with your problems, or specific desires, to advance in your training with telepathy.



            110 euro