You have the possibility to receive help from me everywhere in the world. I offer a variety of services for animals listed here. It is furthermore possible to combine these services in one session.


Have you ever wondered? Why your animal companion reacts as he or she does? Why the horse is nipping or the dog is dragging in his or her leash? What your furry friend would tell you if he or she could? Are all his or her wishes and needs fulfilled?

During the animal communication session I will establish contact with your animal companion and have a dialog with him or her, which I will convey further to you in writing or by phone afterwards. As the owner you will have the possibility to ask your animal questions, get to know your animal companion on a deeper level, receive his or her loving wisdom and thereby create a deeper and more harmonious relationship.


Do you or your animal need an energy boost? Do you want to spoil your dog, horse, or cat? Do you want to know how your animal companion is feeling in his or her body and help him or her release blockages, recover injuries, relieve pain, and release trauma?

During the healing process of the animal I channel the pure, powerful and healing energy from the universe customized specifically for your animal’s needs. I will subsequently convey the animal’s messages to the owner that I receive during the healing; I will explain the course of the healing, finally I will provide an evaluation of the animal’s physical condition, and provide guidance and advices for further welfare.


For several years I have made a living from conveying and teaching animals’ wisdom. My aim is to teach humans the tools necessary to listen and understand the subtle messages animals are sharing with us to help a positive balance in the relation between the humans and animals. I provide events, courses, workshops and travels aimed to teach humans to reconnect to their natural ability to communicate with animals.

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