Have you ever asked yourself what your animal is thinking about? What your animal would tell you if it could? Whether your animal is happy, has some desires, or what it likes to do or eat? If it has pain? Why does it react, in the way it does?

In a telepathy session, I make telepathic contact with your animal. You send me a picture, the name and age of the animal. Through dialogue with the animal, I convey the personality of your dog, cat, horse, rodent or any other animal! I do a physical review of your animal's body, examine its innermost desires and also allow your animal to speak freely! As owner you can ask up to 8 questions for your animal. After the telepathy with your animal, I send you an email with the text of my conversation with your animal.

You get practical, concrete exercises and tools that you can use to solve any problems or fulfill the wishes of your animal.

Behavioral problems and trauma
Telepathy is a powerful tool to use when dealing with behavioral problems. Maybe your dog bites or barks? Does your cat pee inside? Or does your horse rear? Each animal has its own reason to use its particular behavior. To help the animal with the behavior, we must figure out why, it does as it does, and ask what the animal is needs, to stop the behavior. In the telepathy, the animal is allowed to tell its own version of a situation.
When we work with animals with trauma, we may encounter situations where we do not understand why the animal responds as it does - physically and mentally. Here, telepathy can create understanding between owner and animal, and allow the animal to share its history. To release a trauma, it is important that the animal feels its history has been listened to - and that we are willing to give the animal what it needs to overcome its trauma.

A telepathy session is for you who want to gain a deeper understanding of your animal, and achieve a genuine, authentic and loving contact with your animal!


Telepati hest

“My pony fell slightly ill out of nowhere. We discovered that the hay we fed him had grown bad when he explained his troubles to you during our telepathy session. When we exchanged the bad hay with new and fresh he got better straightaway.”

–Aino Faurschou


Telepati kat

”Our cat had been gone for months before you took contact to her and the day after your session she came home and has not left since!”

– Emilie Harm


Kommunikere med marsvin

“My two ‘boys’ could not stop fighting and I was worried. But after your dialog with them they stopped fighting after you explain to me that they where missing an extra house.”

– Pia Nielsen


I will establish contact to the animal through a photo and ask him or her the 8 questions that you have provided me with in advance. I will email you a written version or by phone convey my dialog with your animal companion after the telepathy session is done.




Telepati hest


I visit you and will establish a dialog with you and your animal friend. You can ask questions while I translate the animal’s answers to you directly. I will furthermore in person be able to show you exercises and treatment methods that will help you support you and your animal companion’s further process. 


100 EURO + transport

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