One-to-one telepathy education

One-to-one telepathy education

Are you looking for a one-to-one telepathy education? Do you prefer private-sessions, customized to focus on you, your abilities and your personal challenges? You have perhaps already heard about or made some experience with telepathy but wish to educate yourself further and learn more. Perhaps you are completely new to the concept of telepathy and you seek a course, which honours your individual process and adapts to what you are looking for in needs and interests. Then this is the perfect education for you!

You can communicate telepathically with other species too!​

It is essential for me to make one aspect about telepathy clear from the beginning: you can communicate telepathically too! We are, every single one of us, born with this ability and with the right teaching we can re-establish our lost connection to our telepathic skills. This is not a rare talent only granted to a few selected but rather an ability all humans possess when we reconnect with it by learning to understand it and use it in our everyday life. Wouldn't it be excellent to be able to hear from the animals themself if they had any special wishes or pain that you did not know about? Telepathy is a wonderful ability that makes us able to understand all coexisting species to a much wider extent and establish much deeper relations that we think is possible. Are you ready to make a real difference for the animals in your life?

Education with customized sessions to uniquely fit you​

You may have various reasons for why you seek an individual focused telepathy education. You are perhaps seeking a course with the flexibility to fit your everyday life, more focus on you and a focus on your current abilities or a closer guidance for you on your journey. You have perhaps already taken courses or finished an education in telepathy but you seek an even deeper and more personal training or to simply specialize in certain areas. Regardless of your reasons - this is the course for you who wish for a personalized education.

During a personalized education every session is focused on your process. The teaching and all the exercises I provide will be cherry-picked to benefit your personal needs and wishes. We can include it in our curriculum if you feel that there is something you want to focus your attention on additionally or if there is something, which you have a more profound interest to learn more about. This is a unique opportunity to achieve a tailor-made education to empower your telepathic abilities based on your talent. The animals in your life will be your tutors on your journey for you all to collectively establish an even stronger connection and understanding between you.

We will on this personalized mentor education build a foundation together in the tempo you need based on the 5 elements necessary to learn telepathy.

  • Become present
  • Find silence
  • Trust your intention
  • Open your heart
  • Clear your energy

You will furthermore immerse yourself in how to:

  • Send and receive messages in a sharp and clear way
  • Understand the messages you receive
  • Communicate creatively
  • Create connection through a wide selection of approaches
  • Scan the body and mind for any physical or mental disturbances
  • Ask the right questions

And much more!

“I have been extremely happy with my mentoring with Mathilde. I have taken the mentor course alongside another telepathy education and the mentor course with Mathilde has given me a completely different depth and understanding of the telepathy, which has been very useful to me. I have felt very comfortable with Mathilde and it has been really nice that we have been able to talk about exactly the challenges I have experienced in learning the telepathy and then organizing the course after that, so I could get through the challenges. In addition to a good theoretical depth, Mathilde makes use of many different kinds of tasks, each of which has its own clear purpose and which is fun and different to do, as they train many different aspects of the telepathy. I always felt very uplifted after a mentor season with Mathilde, I really think she is extremely good at it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a bit deeper learning of telepathy or who just feels uncertain about whether they can do it, no matter their level” - Anna Brit Holm Andersen

Are you ready for an in-depth and life changing education?​

This telepathy education is a unique opportunity for you to develop a strong in-depth foundation for you to communicate with animals. A telepathy education is the best investment you can make for you and your animal companions. My life was changed instantly by the first moment I finally heard the animals’ messages – and so will yours! This education is for you who:

  • Feel a calling to understand the animals in your life
  • Are ready to invest your time and energy in your personal inner development
  • Wish to help your own or others animal relations
  • Are ready to venture through an exciting inner journey with the animals and Nature as your teachers
  • Are eager to understand the animals around you

Telepati hest


A telepathy education consists of a total of 10 Sessions on each 1 Hour and 30 minutes. Our sessions will be via Skype. You will receive tutoring, exercises, reading material, time for questions, training with a variety of animals, training to professionally work with clients and much more! You will finish your education with a certificate.

805 EURO

(In total 10 sessions)

“I have been through a mentoring course in healing with Mathilde. It has been a really educational and exciting journey, where I have learned a lot about the animals around me, but also about myself. I can now use healing in my everyday life, both to help when animals are hurt or not feeling well, but also to create a bond and mutual understanding. Mathilde has a very special ability to pass on knowledge so that you really get caught up in it and want to learn more! Along the way, I have become aware of how much the animals have to tell me and how much I can actually help them when they need it - I have become much better at listening to what they need, instead of assuming that I know what they need. For example, my pony Jackie suddenly didn't want to eat a few weeks ago. She was fine, but she refused to eat. That's why I asked her to guide me to what she needed. After warming her neck with my hands and loosening various places around her neck and jaw through healing, she went straight to her hay and started eating! It's great to be able to help the animals in that way. But I am not only better at treating physical things. I have also learned to listen to and feel what the animals need and what I can do to help them to fulfill their desires and dreams. It is a completely different world that has opened up to me, where there is time and space to listen to everyone's wishes and needs.” - Martha-My Feilberg

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