The girl who speaks with animals

The girl who speaks with animals

My name is Mathilde Denning. I am an animal communicator and I have the ability to talk with animals. I have always spent all of my time in nature with the animals. Here I feel alive, inspired and happy! I've always known that I want to work with animals - just not quite how. Teacher in horse training, shop assistant in pet store, stable worker, horse trainer, are just some of the jobs I have had the pleasure of testing. For years back my life took an unexpected turn. I discovered spirituality and the alternative approach to the animals. I was eager to learn about this world and have since attended a myriad of courses. In particular, I have been gripped by the ability to talk with animals. I've trained myself in telepathy and healing. I have specialized myself in these areas. In addition, I am fascinated by the animals' ability to mirror everything in us - from thoughts, feelings, energies to physical flaws. The opportunity to see ourselves honestly and clearly, and thereby develop us as humans, is completely unique. I am very passionate about animal training in a positive and gentle way that is built on the needs and desires of the animals. With the animals as my personal teachers, I try to understand how we can talk to the animals in the best way and make us understandable to each other as possible. With the knowledge that the animals have given me, and the experience I have gained over the years, I guide people and animals to greater understanding of each other and their needs.


I love to develop myself! I am educated and certified Energy Flow Healer, Telepathic Soul Healer and Holistic Animal Adviser by Britta Baumann, and have besides that completed telepathy training by Debbie McGillivray. I have also had a 5 month student stay at Marianne Florman's place I am a certified True Lead and I am a certified coach from Mindjuice.

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Make a "quiet day" with your animal - try to be quiet inside, as well as outside, as far as possible. Be open and receptive to the experience, without expectations, and feel what you are experiencing. 

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