Do you and your horse have problems in your training or are you stuck in a bad situation? Do you need to understand each other better and find out how to make the training work again? Maybe your horse doesnt want to go into a trailer, you have difficulties agreein in the dressage or have problems handling your horse?

En heste-mentor-session er en unik mulighed for at få en holistisk session med din hest. Med baggrund i både healing, telepati og træning af heste er der mulighed for at få masser indsigter og inspiration til din træning og dit samvær med din hest.

The session opens with a live-animal-communication with your horse where you can hear the answers to the questions you might have. It is a dialogue betwwen me and your horse where I am the translator for what your horse tells. It is possible to use healing and intuitive touch to help your horse fase physically and mentally problems. After the communication I teach you in exactly what gives you problems – using what the horses told in the session. Im guiding and working as a translater if the horse has anything to add during the trainingsession.

Telepati dyr


In a horsementor session I visit you and your horse. Im making an animal communiction with your horse and if needed I use healing. We use the answer your horse is giving us and uses them practically in a training session.

Kr. 1000,-

+ transport

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