Healing treatments for Animals

Healing treatments for Animals

Healing is a beautiful and pure form of treatment where I as a channel will convey energy of life from the universe to the animal in your life. During a healing session I work with the source of the problem regardless if it is on a physical, mental, energetic or spiritual level. With a great respect for the needs and process of the individual animal my focus is to release the origin of the problem and create sustainable results that your animal companion can continue to benefit from and enjoy. I will meet the animal on his or her own terms and work with the techniques that I have acquired from each animal I have connected with during the years of my professional work as a healer.


How does a healing session work?

I will use my personalized techniques provided by the animals and achieved in my educations from around the world. My aim with a healing session is always to understand as well as to help the animal in the most harmonized way that correspond perfectly to the animals needs.


Healing is possible to do either by me meeting the animal where he or she lives in person or through a telepathic connection. The second option is possible when I have received a photo of the animal to create the connection between us and after this is established I will be able to send him or her the healing he or she needs. I will share all the messages that I receive from the animal after the healing process with you. I will take you through a written assessment of the animal’s healing process and provide you with a thorough description of the animal’s physical condition. 


Intuitive soul healing

Does the animal in your life struggle with a physical, mental or emotional based imbalance? Does he or she suffer from ‘behavioural problems’, anxiety, depression, separation anxiety, nervousness or aggression? Do you wish to know how your animal friend feels physically? Or do you just want to give your beloved animal companion a treat and an energy boost?


Healing has a variation of wonderful aftereffects, which will be experienced different from individual to individual. During my experiences with healing I have helped animals to release traumas, soothe stress, increase life quality, relieve physical pain, reduce physical problems, heal physical infirmities, and to find renewed energy for life.


Nøglen til forståelse af dyr


During a distant healing session I connect energetically with the animal through a photo. I will read the animal physically, mentally, and emotionally, and heal the areas that need healing. Afterwards I will email you a written walkthrough of the entire healing process.

45,- euro

Healing dyr


I will visit you and your animal companion in person. I will make an analysis of the animal’s physical, mental, and emotional state, and heal the areas that need to be healed. I will use intuitive touch during this healing process.

65,- euro

+ transport

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