How does telepathy over distance work through a picture?

Everything around us is energy, and a picture is a momentary freezing of the energy of an animal. Therefore, I use a picture, as well as the animal's name, age and sex to connect me to your particular animal. Like using it as an "address" for your particular animal among everyone else. Telepathy is an energetic connection between two souls, and not bodies, and therefore it is possible to connect to an animal's energy over distance. Distance, time and language are not a barrier since energy has no limitations. It is therefore not a problem if you are doing something with your animal while in contact with it because energy is not limited by the physical world. The energy can take many forms, and in a session I can therefore receive words, feelings, words, sensory impressions and much more from your animal, which I then convey to you.

What do you need to do as the animal owner, when you want to get a telepathy over distance for your animal?

You must send me a newer picture with at least one eye clearly visible, as well as the age, name and sex of the animal. In addition, you can submit up to 8 questions, which I will ask your animal, besides my 4 fixed questions: who are you, how are you physically, what is your life purpose and do you have something at heart. You will be notified when the telepathy takes place, and after telepathy you will receive 8-10 pages of written A4 document with the answers from your animal. I communicate in a loving and respectful manner and do my best to make contact and understanding between you and your animal. I often have waiting time on telepathies, so be sure to contact me in advance to get on my waiting list.

What is the difference between a telepathy over distance and a live telepathy?

It is different what people prefer. A telepathy over distance is as accurate and effective as a live telepathy, there is no difference in quality or in the detail of a remote telepathy. The remote telepathy is limited only by the questions asked, which must be precise so that I can ask them in the intended way and the animal can give the answer that you are looking for. 
A live telepathy has the advantage that you can ask in-depth questions during the conversation and that I can show you physically where there is a problem, give you exercises and/or training tips.

What can you expect from a telepathy?

Whether you choose a telepathy over distance or a live telepathy, you can expect to receive the answers to your questions as accurately and in detail as your animal wants to respond. You can expect to gain greater understanding, new perspectives, ideas for improving training, health or anything else. I listen to your animal and convey its direct response to you.

Does telepathy work with all animals?

Telepathy is not limited to any animal species. I have communicated with all kinds of pets (from birds, dogs, horses, cats, snails, reptiles, etc.) to wild animals in every genre. I find that most animals want to communicate and express themselves, and therefore telepathy with all animal species is possible. For the animals, telepathy is a natural way of communicating, and everything needed to make contact is an "address label"/a way to recognize the energy of that specific animal.

Is it possible to communicate with animals in heaven?

Animals in heaven, despite not having a physical body, still have an energetic imprint that one can associate with. Energy can never disappear, it can only be transformed. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge, even when it was many years ago. Most animals in heaven would like to communicate, and it can be a great help for owners to find peace, to listen to their animals once more, and to clarify the final questions. It is possible to ask the animals about everything, but often they are not particularly interested in talking about terrestrial/physical things, since they no longer have a body. They are immensely interested in giving advice to their owners or helping their owners find peace with what happened.

How does healing through a picture work?

Healing is a channeling of energy from the universe, through a healer, directly to the animal. The energy can be addressed to the right animal using an image and knowing the name, age and sex. It is possible to sense the animal on both physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. Therefore, as an owner, after receiving a remote healing, you receive a written review of the animal's state of health (on the 4 plans). The healing can work for 3 days after the actual healing has taken place, and this means that during this time you have to offer the animal extra water, and listen to what it wants in those days. Your animal can react in many ways, some become immensely active, others tired, for some are worsening behavior for some time, and for others there are positive changes right away. The most important thing is that you, as the owner, let the animal have its process in the following three days, after which the energy stabilizes again.

Is it possible for everyone to learn telepathy?

Telepathy is a quite natural ability that we all possess. Therefore, it is possible for everyone to learn telepathy. It is about learning how to access the place in us that allows us to hear the whisperings of the animals, get calm inside and listen to and understand our intuition. This requires training, just like anything else! Telepathy is an inner tool that we can practice, and with the right guidance and teaching, everyone can learn the art of telepathy. You are always welcome on my telepathy training or courses. 

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