Education in telepathy

Education in telepathy

Are you interested in a telepathy education? Do you whish to understand the animals in your life on a deeper level and maybe even being able to help others develop a more harmonic relationship to their animal friends? Do you have the feeling that animals do communicate with you and do you feel an urge to understand what they want to tell you? Are you looking for an education with a curriculum that provides you with the time and space for every step you need to take to achieve the knowledge you seek? Then this is the perfect education for you!


You can communicate telepathically with other species too!

It is essential for me to make one aspect about telepathy clear from the beginning: you can communicate telepathically too! We are, every single one of us, born with this ability and with the right teaching we can re-establish our lost connection to our telepathic skills. This is not a rare talent only granted to a few selected but rather an ability all humans possess when we reconnect with it by learning to understand it and use it in our everyday life. Wouldn’t it be excellent to be able to hear from the animals themself if they had any special wishes or pain that you did not know about? Telepathy is a wonderful ability that makes us able to understand all coexisting species to a much wider extent and establish much deeper relations that we think is possible. Are you ready to make a real difference for the animals in your life? 


A warm-hearted education

This telepathy education will consist of a small and intimate group of students, with a maximum of 10 persons per course. This provides the group with a warm-hearted atmosphere, which again frames the space you need for your education! Your animal friends will become your tutors on this journey – supported by a selection of other animal teachers and furthermore Natures own incredible wisdoms. It will be a journey of self-discovery where you will be offered the opportunity to connect with your own natural abilities!


The curriculum for this education is developed with a suitable tempo based on a foundation consisting of the 5 elements necessary to learn telepathy.


  • Become present.

  • Find silence.

  • Trust your intention.

  • Open your heart.

  • Clear your energy.


You will furthermore immerse yourself in how to:


  • Send and receive messages in a sharp and clear way

  • Understand the messages you receive.

  • Communicate creatively

  • Create connection through a wide selection of approaches.

  • Scan the body and mind for any physical or mental disturbances.

  • Ask the right questions.

And much more!


Are you ready for an in-depth and life changing education?

This telepathy education is a unique opportunity for you to develop a strong in-depth foundation for you to communicate with animals. A telepathy education is the best investment you can make for you and your animal companions. My life was changed instantly by the first moment I finally heard the animals’ messages – and so will yours! This education is for you who:

  • Feel a calling to understand the animals in your life.

  • Are ready to invest your time and energy in your personal inner development.

  • Wish to help your own or others animal relations.

  • Are ready to venture through an exciting inner journey with the animals and Nature as your teachers.

  • Are eager to understand the animals around you.


Practical informations

  • The education is in 4 parts of each 2 days during the weekend. The dates is:

  • Study time will be 10.00 to 16.00 both days, every weekend.

  • This address will be the same during the entire education:

  • Price: 645 euro for the entire education with everything included.

Telepati uddannelse


An in-depth, warm-hearted and transforming education – for both you and the animals in your life! A small, spacious group with a distinctly focus on the individual needs and wishes.
– 4 modules each consisting of 2 days.

645,- euro