Animal telepathy

Animal telepathy

What is animal telepathy?

Animal telepathy is a spiritual connection between human and animal. It is possible to communicate telepathically with all kinds of animals. Telepathy is an ability we all possess, but most people have forgotten how to use it. It is an innate ability that we can reactivate and reconnect with. Telepathy can be experienced in many different ways. Many have experienced communicating telepathically with their animals - without discovering it. A sudden thought or feeling that made them change course. All of that is subtle messages from their animals.

The art is not so much to talk to animals, but to be able to listen to our animals. Understanding their particular personality and soul - their perspective, desires, thoughts. Animal telepathy is a two-way communication. All living things constantly emit energetic messages, which with our telepathic abilities we can be able to hear and translate.
Expensive telepathy allows us to achieve mutual connection, clarity and healing. We can all learn the universal language of telepathy, which allows us to connect with nature and the animals of our lives.

How does it work?

First, a telepathic and energetic connection between animal and human is created. Our body and soul begins to receive the energetic messages, that the animal sends to us. This information can be received through many different channels. It can be thoughts, ideas, feelings, knowings, images or sensory impressions. Everything is created by energy. Every feeling, thought or sensation has its own unique energy, that we can learn to receive, recognize and understand.
Since telepathy is a telepathic and energetic phenomenon, it is not limited to space. On the contrary, it offers the opportunity to communicate over long distances, and is thus not limited to telepaths and animals being present together. Telepathy is also not limited only to live animals, but also creates the opportunity to connect with and clarify with those of our animals that have gone ahead.

What are the benefits of animal telepathy?

Animal telepathy has many advantages. It creates a unique opportunity to exchange wisdom, healing and mutual understanding between animals and their humans. We ask and expose our animals to a lot, that is not natural to them. The least we can offer is to listen to them and try to understand them.

Understanding and compassion between animals and human beings are invaluable gifts that are possible with animal telepathy. When we have these two elements, we can help our animals overcome trauma, grief and anxiety. We can create the right framework for the animal's well-being. We can meet the needs of the animal, thus helping the animal to escape problem behavior. We can receive wonderful life lessons from the beings who roam the earth with us. People and animals are able to create and find a deep, soulful connection with each other.

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