Animal Whisper Academy

Animal Whisper Academy

Animal Whisper Academy is an education with the aim to teach you a better understanding for the animals in your life and to communicate with them through a loving and efficient contact. I offer courses, lectures and educations with the aim to improve communication and understanding between animals and humans.



I have made a living by conveying and teaching the animals’ wisdom over the years. My contribution is to teach humans to listen and understand animals’ messages and by doing so establish a balance in the relation between the human and animal. I offer courses in telepathy and healing and our understanding for the universe of the animal kingdom.


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One-to-one education

A private education curriculum spans 10 sessions in which you will learn the basic elements to become able to contact and communicate with the animals in your life. Together we immerse ourselves in all the elements of animal communication, including a wide range of exercises and homework specially customized for you and your present processes. This is for you who yearn to understand your animal friends and wish to optimize your education with a tailor-made curriculum to benefit your special needs for your process.    



At the Animal Whisperer Academy you will learn how to work with telepathy on a professional and deep level. You will rediscover the connection with the telepathic abilities you were given from birth and learn how to put them into good use while helping humans and animals to achieve an in depth connection and a great understanding for each other! It will be a journey into the universe of the animal kingdom where you in the process will learn about yourself and your personal strengths.


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