Welcome to the Universe of The Animals

Welcome to the Universe of The Animals

Travel into the Universe of The Animals - Discover communication between different species
- A journey to a deep relationship with the animals, the nature, yourself and other people

Animal telepathy builds a valuable and necessary bridge of mutual understanding between humans and animals. We humans can learn to regain the ability to hear the subtle messages we constantly exchange with animals, people and the world around us. When we meet animals and life with respect and love, we can learn to understand and honor the beings we share this world with. Welcome to the Universe of the Animals.

My name is Mathilde Denning, and I am an animal communicator. My passion is to help animals and people to understand each other, and to find harmony in their shared presence. I do private sessions with people and their animals. I teach others to find their innate abilities in animal communication, through courses and workshops. My hope is to help create greater empathy, presence, and mutual understanding between us humans and the beings we share this earth with.

With the animals by my side, I have traveled deeper and deeper into my heart. All the way, until I once again could feel my childhood dream - to be the girl who speaks with the animals.

Telepati hest

Mathilde Denning – Email: mathilde.denning@hotmail.com

Go to bed with a desire to hear a message from your animal or with a question you want to ask it. Maybe the answer comes as a dream, a feeling, sensation or thought the following day.

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